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Celebrity Wealth Planning – Don’t Shadow their Investment Style

We see them as the obvious icons of wealth, basking in its glory with a luxurious image. As attractive as it may seem to follow in their investment footsteps, celebrity legacy planning is a whole different ball game and mimicking their investment decisions may just end up being the short end of the stick to non-celebrities. As Hollywood stars are seen investing away in tech companies and Asian celebrities seem to be following suit, we notice the subsequent popularity of this investment avenue amon...

Staggering Wealth in Emerging Markets

Staggering Wealth in Emerging Markets

Oct 16 - 20. 2017
It’s no secret that the rich get richer. But much of the world’s wealth in emerging markets is actually quite young, and those families are only beginning to consider how to structure systems for asset management and preservation of legacy.

Latin America and the Middle East

Latin America and the Middle East

Oct 16 - 20. 2017
While Asian family offices have the most noticeable presence in the emerging markets, their counterparts in the Middle East and Latin America have quietly made sophisticated moves of their own. In the Middle East, several sovereign wealth funds from oil-rich countries have cultivated sizable investment teams.Those funds sometimes employ wealthy members of royal or powerful families who decide to create new funds of their own.

Alternate Investments Floating in the Asian Market

Recently, we covered a story on family offices looking at auto dealership as a ripe investment opportunity. That got us thinking about other popular forms of alternate investments for the Asia Pacific market. Here’s what we discovered. Don’t let the mounting stock market fool you into thinking that alternate investments won’t be as prevalent in the coming year or two. They remain as a high priority, with real estate at the forefront. According to Mr. Prashasta Seth, CIO, IIFL Asset Managemen...

The Priority of Succession Planning for Business Owners

Around the world, we are increasingly hearing of multi-generational businesses going down for the count, and most of the time, it is the lack of a successful succession plan. As covered in a recent MarketCurrents interview ( on the subject of family vision alignments and succession planning, Mr. Rohit Sarin, Co-Founder of Client Associates said, “It’s a complex and long drawn process involving multiple rounds of c...

Impact Investing in Asia – There is a Will, but no Way Yet

Simply put, these are investments made towards a positive social cause in society. Within Asia, there is a willingness to take part in this form of investment, as are the avenues available towards it. However, this form of investment is far from popular. We, at MarketCurrents, contacted a few significant family offices in Asia, who all seemed to be aware of impact investing, but had no substantial movement in it. We got feedback such as ‘We are not currently looking at this’. Still hopeful, we reached out to...

Fundamental differences in the family office approach between the East and the West

Fundamental differences in the family office approach between the East and the West

Sep 25 – 29. 2017
Mr. Dileep Nath, Angel & Venture Capital Mentor and Investor, Founder of Kanbay speaks about the fundamental differences in the family office approach between the East and the West.

Australian Millionaires Grab the Attention of Citigroup

With an aim to radically increase the number of Australian wealthy customers that come under the Citi umbrella, the bank recently revealed plans to hire 100 or more wealth advisors that will target UHNWIs in Australia. According to a recent Bloomberg report, ‘Citi is targeting Australians with more than A$1 million ($797,000) to invest, the New York-based bank said in a statement Tuesday. Citi’s Australian wealth arm posted a 14 percent rise in assets under management last year, according to the statement....

A New Investment Avenue for Family Offices – Auto Dealerships

As part of the ongoing trend of family offices exploring non-traditional investment opportunities, US family offices are buying stakes of auto dealerships, taking advantage of their growing profits. Auto dealerships are mostly privately held or family held businesses in the U.S. Likewise, dealership companies are more than willing to sell stakes in their business, owing to the growth opportunities that come along with it. The family office of Hawaii- based Fukunaga family – Servco Pacific Capital ...

Burman Family Holdings Envisions a Syndicate to Invest in Growth Stage Companies

Alternate investment routes have been doing the rounds among family offices for some time now. Recently, Burman Family Holdings – the investment arm of Dabur Group – is contemplating the creation and management of a global investor’s consortium that will target growth-stage companies, among varied sectors in India. Burman Family Holdings’ investment move, prior to this, was directed at the purchase of stakes of Cerestra Advisors Ltd. - a real estate private equity firm. However, Burman Family...

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