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The Classic Divide between Family Offices in Asia vs. America

Family offices are a fairly new occurrence in the Asian economy, but have been around for decades in the West. Interestingly, the former is not mimicking the latter in its investment style and approach. Here’s a quick look at some of the stark differences in their behavior across continents. The first obvious difference is the sheer number of family offices being much lower in Asia, as compared to their dominant presence in the western economic arena. According to a 2017 Bloomberg report, ‘Over the ...

The Investment Penchants of Family Offices in Asia

What was largely an American and European trend over the last decade, has now spread its wings wide around the Asian economic landscape. The family office trend is growing at an unprecedented rate among the rich in Asia, owing to the nouveau riche phenomenon in Asia. According to an article published by Jeremy Hazelhurst in the Financial Times, ‘Fifth-generation family business members are happy to hand over their inheritances to bankers, but tycoons and the children of tycoons are keener to trace the path of ...

Indian Family Offices Target Investment in Start-ups

If you're wondering who houses those plush new offices in the swanky high rise commercial buildings across the country, one big player would be the family office sector. These entities are not only managing the financial affairs of the wealthy, but also finding ways to make these rich get richer. These uber affluent families have assets that match those of powerhouse companies (such as Infosys, Birla and BFL). The nouveau riche, due to their sheer lack of experience, are also looking for a lending hand toward their ...



Oct 25 – 29. 2016
MarketCurrents interviewed Brad Reifler, Founder and Cole Reifler, President of Forefront Capital about the growth of impact investing and the role it plays at the firm. Impact investing has always existed, but in the past five years it has become increasingly more popular. This increase in popularity is due to Wealth transfer and Profitability.

Bonus Section: Precision Medicine

Bonus Section: Precision Medicine

June 27 – July 01. 2016
When you look at what is affecting health in emerging markets, there are many areas of need. Naturally cancer is a global problem, but underlying conditions like inflammation, nutrition and lifestyle choices are also areas that need focus and attention. One of the great things about precision medicine is that we can now include many different factors, including biological and phenotypic, into our diagnostic and prognostic models. Let’s treat the causes, not the symptoms.

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