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Is Private Equity Getting Overheated?

Is Private Equity Getting Overheated?

Dec 17 - 21. 2018
Private equity has had a stellar run for the past 20 years. PE assets under management total more than $2.8 trillion, with nearly half of it in buyout funds, according to At the same time, deal multiples, leverage ratios and the amount of uninvested capital in the private equity industry is at historic highs, according to a report published by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). All this may indicate an industry that is overheated, overcrowded and that there is too much capital chasing too few investment-worthy assets.

Family Offices and Hedge Fund Managers Form Alliances

A few years ago, it was fairly common to see hedge fund owners making the switch toward a family office setup. While there are distinct advantages to this transition, the chief among them was the favourability of a family office outfit as being less scrutinized by an increasing regulatory environment. For those hedge fund managers that have held their course, family offices now look like an appealing partner and vice versa. As family offices adopt a progressive professional and structured front, they ...

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