Australian commercial property market interestingly poised

Australian commercial property market interestingly poised

Family offices should keep an eye out for what’s happening in the Australian real estate sector. First of all, the government is pushing for less vacancies in residential properties. Heavy Chinese investments in real estate have been pushing prices up, while the middle-class renting population has not been able to ramp up on income. Which means more lots going empty even though demand has not abated. To counter that, for example, the New South Wales government raised the stamp duty for foreign investors fr...

Patriot Billions

Is flag and country the new rallying cry for family offices in India (and maybe in Asia)? Mohandas Pai, the ex-CFO of Infosys asks a valid question, “When we create $500 billion in value, don’t you want Indians to own most of it?”. This is in reference to the huge inflows of foreign capital as SoftBank Group Corp and Tencent Holdings brought in billions of dollars into the Indian start-up space in their attempt to create unicorns like Snapdeal, Paytm, Ola, Zomato and Flipkart. Obviously this has led to so...

The Shipping Tycoon Y.K. Pao and his Legacy

With a net worth of $13.4 billion, the Pao family started off in the shipping business with shipping tycoon Y.K Pao. He first established the Word Wide Shipping Company in the 50s with the purchase of a second-hand ship. Over 20 years, the company owned over 200 vessels. Y.K. Pao was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, and was selected by readers of shipping magazine, Fairplay as “the most influential person in shipping in 120 years”. After his death in 1991, his four daughters and their husbands took over the r...

Indian Origin Lohia Ranks among the Richest in Indonesia

Early in his teenage years, Sri Prakash Lohia immigrated to Indonesia with the hope to start his own business venture. Forty years later, he is on Forbes’ 2017 list of richest families in Asia. Although he prefers to keep a low profile, his net worth of $8.7 billion has put the spotlight on his expansive business enterprise – Indorama Corporation. In March 2017, Mr. Lohia was awarded with the ‘Business Personality of the Year Award’. Sri Prakash Lohia’s father split his enterprise between hi...

Henry Sy Steps Down as Chairman of SM Investments Corporation

With a real time net worth of $20.1 billion dollars, Henry Sy has stood out as the richest man in the Philippines for almost a decade. Presently residing in Manila, Philippines, this billionaire came from a humble beginning and started a small shoe business almost 60 years ago. His success has been unstoppable from then on with large scale expansions into department stores and SM Mall, which generated large revenues that evolved into his business today – SM Investments Corp. Today Henry Sy has an established r...

Multi-Family Offices Grow Popular in China

The Chinese economic landscape has been growing by leaps and bounds at a swift pace. With this growth of wealth comes the demand for preservation and progression. The country with the highest population is also home to a large number of millionaires, centred in Hong Kong, which consequently houses a high volume of family offices. As of last year, according to Asia Asset Management and the Credit Suisse Report, ‘China has by far the fastest-growing group of ultra-high-net-worth individuals – defined as those ...

Spotlight on China

Spotlight on China

Nov 13 - 17. 2017
There are several factors currently at play impacting how the wealthy in China are approaching taxes and jurisdictions.



Nov 13 - 17. 2017
“There is a greater interest in having a more formalized family office structure throughout Asia,” according to Christian Stewart, Managing Director of Hong Kong-based Family Legacy Asia, a consulting firm that advises Asian families on family governance.

UHNWIs and their Family Offices Rise in Malaysia

As part of the global trend of rising numbers of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs), Malaysia has witnessed a substantial rise as well. Knight Frank’s Wealth Report 2017 said, ‘The ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) in Malaysia recorded a 3% increase in 2016 compared to a 15% decline in 2015’. Kuala Lumpur, in the same report, was within the top 50 cities on the City Wealth Index 2017. This rise in number will naturally benefit the Asian economic landscape as the proximity allows for easy kno...

Family Offices Invest in Healthcare and Medical Development

Among other non-traditional investments, the family office sector is displaying a keen interest in the healthcare and life science space. The foundation of these investments lies in the need for diversification, which is being addressed through higher connectivity and increased accessibility. Compounding this advantage is the philanthropic nature of the investment. Dallas-based Green Park & Golf Ventures, a family office with a concentration on health and medical sectors has raised a portion of its...