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MarketCurrents Wealth Management releases its April 2018 edition on Human Capital in Family Offices

The maturation and increasing institutionalization of single-family offices globally is driving demand for non-family member executives to run them. Chief executive officer (CEO), chief investment officer (CIO), chief operations officer (COO) and chief financial officer (CFO) are among the key leadership roles family offices look to fill.

Single-family offices come in many different structures and sizes. Because no two are alike, each has different hiring needs and a unique work environment. Still, there are common threads in what is required to oversee the many moving parts of a family office, which involves much more than managing wealth.

C-suite execs at family offices typically work on small close-knit teams and wear many hats beyond what their title may suggest. They also need to be adept at navigating the intricacies of family dynamics. The experts we spoke to for this issue of MarketCurrents reveal the crucial requirements needed to successfully take on a leadership role.

Human capital is a significant cost for family offices. Finding qualified C-level candidates and keeping them for the long term is no easy task. We also look at the human capital challenges single-family offices face and how to overcome them, as well as compensation trends. The family office experts we spoke to outline recruiting best practices and how to help ensure, when all is said and done, that execs stick around for the long term.

Execs at single-family offices also share how they approach recruitment, compensation and retaining top talent, in our human capital report.

Finally, this issue of MarketCurrents outlines the additional human capital challenges families in Asia and the Middle East face – markets where the family office model is less established than in the U.S. and U.K.

To read the entire edition on Human Capital visit our Magazine section. You need to log-in/Subscribe to access the full edition.

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