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Introduction of VAT in the Gulf Makes the Family Office Industry Flourish

Up until last year, the existence of the family office in the Middle East was barely noticeable. According to a Family Capital report of 2016, “There are maybe just five family groups in the UA...

Ayaltis to Set Shop in Hong Kong

The rising rich in China are churning out a large amount of wealth and most of that is bound for Hong Kong, making it among the top three places with the highest number of family offices in Asia....

China Wealth Managers Look to Take Hold of the Family Office Prospect

AUGUST 21-25
The increasing numbers of wealthy in China seem to be attracting the eye of wealth managers, resulting in a sudden surge of interest into the family office sector. The family office entity, one that looks ...

The Classic Divide between Family Offices in Asia vs. America

AUGUST 21-25
Family offices are a fairly new occurrence in the Asian economy, but have been around for decades in the West. Interestingly, the former is not mimicking the latter in its investment style and approach. He...

The Investment Penchants of Family Offices in Asia

AUGUST 21-25
What was largely an American and European trend over the last decade, has now spread its wings wide around the Asian economic landscape. The family office trend is growing at an unprecedented rate among th...

Indian Family Offices Target Investment in Start-ups

AUGUST 14-18
If you're wondering who houses those plush new offices in the swanky high rise commercial buildings across the country, one big player would be the family ffice sector. These entities are not only managin...

Cyber Security of Family Offices in Asia – The Risks and How to Mitigate Them

AUGUST 14-18
The emergence of family offices in Asia brings along with it an emergence of cyber threats. These family offices can be likened to a digital treasury that has a magnet effect for hackers....

The Largest Family Owned Businesses in Asia – Who They Are and Where They’re From

AUGUST 14-18
Asia has long been dubbed an emerging economy. According to the IMF, the economic outlook for Asia and the Pacific estimates growth for the region to increase this year to 5.5 percent, from 5.3 percent in...