Q&A With India’s Impact Investment Pioneer: Avishkaar’s Vineet Rai

Sep 24 – 28. 2018
Vineet Rai set up what is widely considered to be India’s first social impact investment fund in 2001. What started as a micro-fund management company with approximately $60,000 has grown to nearly $300 million. Rai’s experience working in the dense forests of Odisha and leading the Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network helped him understand the need for capital in underdeveloped rural sectors. The Aavishkaar-Intellecap Group now manages investments in social enterprises leading rural microfinance, sanitation, education, energy and agricultural development.

Tackling Cybersecurity Risks: Q&A with Andy Hart of Delegate Advisors

Sep 24 – 28. 2018
Family offices are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks and the long list of cybersecurity threats they face continues to grow.In recent years, Andy Hart, Managing Partner of San Francisco-based Delegate Advisors, has become increasingly focused on the growing risk of cyberattacks and has bolstered cybersecurity at his multi-family office with sophisticated software and regular audits.

Trade Wars and Asian Wealth: Q&A with Golden Horse Fund Management

Sep 17 – 21. 2018
When U.S. President Donald Trump fired the first shot of tariffs to launch his trade war, the Singapore Business Review estimated that Singapore would be one of the first casualties with an estimated loss of $22 billion. A Bank of Singapore report warns about a possible recession with extended periods of distressed returns on risk assets. Meanwhile, 88% of respondents to a recent Monetary Authority of Singapore survey said they were worried about the direct impact of the U.S.-China trade war.

A Look at Family Offices in LatAm: Q&A With Martin Litwak

Jul 23 – 27. 2018
The number of Latin American family offices has grown in recent years. Martin Litwak, CEO of boutique law firm Litwak & Partners, has experienced this growth first hand. In 2017, he created Latin America’s first multi-family office that focuses exclusively on legal, trust and tax matters. In the following Q&A he explains the trends impacting family offices in the region and the unique challenges they face.

Co-investment Challenges for Family Offices: Q&A With Rupert Phelps of Smith & Williamson

May 14 – 18. 2018
As family offices turn to co-investing for more control over capital, transparency and lower transaction costs they face unique challenges in vetting potential deals. In the coming weeks, MarketCurrents will run a Q&A series in which family office execs and experts shed light on the issues that need to be addressed and how to navigate them.