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The Nordic Tech Startup Scene: Q&A With Pontus Stråhlman of Spinnaker Ventures

June 15 – 21. 2019
Nearly 9,000 kilometers away from Silicon Valley, a combination of entrepreneurial spirit, tech savvy and new capital is creating a startup hub at the periphery of Northern Europe. Despite being home to only 3.6% of the continent’s population, the Nordics (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland) accounted for more than 10% of the venture capital funding in Europe last year, according to data published by Sifted.

Investing in Fine Art: Q&A With Winston Art Group’s Elizabeth von Habsburg

June 10 – 14. 2019
Art industry experts who gathered at the Business of Art Observed event in New York last week discussed how technology and growing awareness is changing the market for everyone. Closing remarks were delivered by Elizabeth von Habsburg, Managing Director of the Winston Art Group, one of the largest art advisory and appraisal firms in the world.

Q&A with Witter Family Offices CIO Sherry Pryor Witter

May 20 – 24. 2019
Single-family office Witter Family Offices was established in 2011. Over the past decade, co-founders and husband and wife team Sherry and Michael Witter have combined their professional money management skills with their ambitious philanthropic efforts to create an efficient model for sustaining and sharing their wealth.

How to Effectively Manage a Business Transition: Q&A with BanyanGlobal’s Vladimir Barbieri

April 01 – 05. 2019
Baby Boomers own more than two-thirds of all businesses in the United States, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. The Family Firm Institute maintains that 80% of these businesses are family owned. This implies that trillions of dollars in business assets and capital are on the cusp of a generational transition.

Blockchain Fundraising: Q&A with TokenMarket’s Ransu Salovaara on the Future of Family Office Investments in Tech Startups

March 25 – 29. 2019
Thousands of startups across the world have raised over $18.6 billion since 2017 through a quirky and innovative new method of seed funding. Known as an initial coin offering (ICO), the method involves combining the structure of an online crowdfunding campaign with the blockchain technology that underlies cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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