EdTech during Lockdowns and Startups in Israel: Q&A with Benson Oak’s Robert Cohen

June 30, 2020
After 25 years of experience in investment management and investment banking, Benson Oak’s managing partner Robert Cohen finds himself at the epicenter of the world’s most exciting technology startup hub in Israel focusing on sectors that have been spurred on by the ongoing crisis.

Investing in Transformational Technologies: Q&A With Innovation Endeavors’ Aravind Bharadwaj

June 18, 2020
With over $1 billion in assets under management, Palo Alto-based Innovation Endeavors has emerged as a leading early- and expansion-stage venture capital firm in just under ten years.

Fresh Infusion for Cannabis-based Beverages: Q&A With Infuzed Brands’ President Jigme Love.

May 29, 2020
Serial entrepreneur Jigme Love defied the odds by raising funds for her company in the middle of an unprecedented global economic crisis. A private family office with international real estate holdings and experience with consumer packaged goods deployed $8.6 Million USD in Reg A+ funding for Love’s Infused Brands – a Cannabidiol (CBD) beverage startup based in New York.

Family Businesses in the age of COVID: Q&A with EY’s Bobby Stover

May 27, 2020
With over 25 years of experience serving family companies, specifically in resolving the personal, transitional and tax challenges they face, Bobby Stover is an industry veteran. Based in Dallas, he now serves as EY Americas Family Office Leader.

Family, Philanthropy & A New Book: Q&A With Mitzi Perdue

May 11, 2020
MarketCurrents WealthNet spoke with Mitzi Perdue about her family legacy, passion for philanthropy, and her new book entitled “What It Means to Be Us” due out May 15th.