Investing in the Circular Economy: Q&A With Lendager TCW’s Ditte Lysgaard Vind

October 20, 2020
Impact investor Ditte Lysgaard Vind has spent her career nudging businesses towards adopting the principles of the circular economy.

Revolutionizing Healthtech: Q&A With Blyth Group’s Don Simmonds

October 20, 2020
After launching and leading 30 technology companies over 40 years, winning the Queen’s Jubilee medal and in 2008, and being inducted into the Canadian Telecommunications Hall of Fame along with his late father and brothers, Don Simmonds has cemented his position as a pioneer of Canadian technology.

An Electric Motorbike Infused with Italian Design Heritage: Q&A With Soriano Motori’s Eduardo García de Palomo

October 19, 2020
In 1929, inventor Ricardo Soriano Scholtz von Hermensdorff II launched his first motorbike under the family name. Now, Marco Soriano is reviving the brand with a line of cutting-edge electric motorbikes scheduled for launch across Europe and North America shortly.

Veteran Investors Bet on the Future of Food: Q&A With Eat Beyond’s Don Robinson

September 29, 2020
After decades of leading food and consumer goods companies, a group of industry veterans have come together to launch an investment firm focused on the future of food.

The “Sweet Spot” for SMB Acquisitions: Q&A With Pursuant Capital’s Sam Rosati

September 28, 2020
Florida-based Pursuant Capital focuses on acquiring small and medium-sized businesses across Florida. Founder Sam Rosati, a former lawyer and CPA, launched the firm in 2018 to focus on companies he believes are in the sweet spot for a potential buyout.