Navigating a Shipping Giant Through Trade Tensions and a Global Pandemic: Q&A With Fratelli Cosulich’s Timothy Cosulich

September 01, 2020
The commercial shipping industry has been at the epicenter of two ongoing crises.

Opening the Floodgates to Better Deal Flow: Q&A With Storm Ventures’ Ryan Floyd

August 29, 2020
Venture Capitalist Ryan Floyd has been trying to diversify the entrepreneurs he backs through his firm Storm Ventures.

On The Cutting Edge in the Fight Against Cancer: Q&A With Micronoma’s Dr. Sandrine Miller Montgomery

August 29, 2020
Every year, 4 million lives are lost to various forms of cancer. Often, many of these lives could have been saved if only the cancer was detected early enough for treatment.

Trade Financing in a Post-Covid World: Q&A With TCG’s Eric Wong

Aug 03, 2020
Eric Wong, the founder of Hong Kong-based asset manager TCG, has parlayed decades of experience from this family’s chemicals and electronics company into an alternative investment juggernaut.

Beyond Venture Capital, New Models for Startup Funding Emerge:Q&A With Angel Investor Jay Vasantharajah

July 27, 2020
Toronto-based Jay Vasantharajah, a former consultant at Deloitte, has spent the past few years building successful digital businesses and investing in emerging startups and multi-family real estate across Toronto. His portfolio now includes podcast platform Supercast, software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup Trust & Will and ecommerce company Maskwell.