Northwestern Mutual
875 Third Ave, 23rd Fl, NY,
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Phone: 212.557.5645

Michael J. Mullarney, mike.mullarney@nm.com, (212) 867-8477
Phia Daly Billman, Phia.Billman@nm.com, 212.433.1174

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Mike is a Wealth Management Advisor with the Estate Strategies Group. The focus of his practice is working with high net worth individuals in their efforts to develop a financial plan based on their unique vision, values and goals. He works with his clients on strategies to enable them to achieve their estate planning objectives, including the tax-efficient transfer of wealth to family members and charities.

Dockyard Capital Management

Alan Gardner, COO, agardner@dockyardcapital.com, 617 753-6470
Ben Balbale, Founder & CIO, bbalbale@dockyardcapital.com, 617 753-6460
Jay McGrath, CFO & CCO, jmcgrath@dockyardcapital.com, 617 753-6465

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Dockyard Capital Management is a concentrated long/short equity manager investing in companies reshaping industries through software. The team leverages its experience as operators to develop a unique understanding of businesses across industries that have embarked on or enable unprecedented business model transformations.

Phone:+1 610-551-3337

Plotify enables the seamless acquisition and management of pre-leased,single family rental properties, allowing investors to easily build customized portfolios in a previously restrictive asset class.

Benson Oak Ventures,
Hamenofim 10, Herzliya, Israel

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Benson Oak Ventures (BOV) has the mission to support entrepreneurs build transformative, global businesses by funding deals as a lead investor and providing significant value-add. Benson Oak has deployed capital across Europe, US and Israel in over 30 venture investments, with almost $500M in value for investors and a MOIC on venture deals of over 13x.