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Badar Family Office’s Investment Strategy: Q&A With Sheheryar Shah

Sept 12. 2019 After several years as a financial advisor and founder of a retail brokerage firm, Houston-based Taseer Badar decided to launch an investment vehicle to expand into new industries. Badar’s ZT Corporate has grown into a $600+ million business with more than 50 individual businesses, ranging from healthcare providers to quick service restaurants. Recently, the Taseer Badar’s family office added a significant stake in London-based inclusive colors cosmetics company Citizen Cosmetics.

We spoke with Sheheryar Shah, the family office’s chief operating and investing officer, to learn more about the Badar Family Office’s investment strategy and outlook.

Could you give us a little background on the Badar Family Office’s investment philosophy?
Our investment philosophy is to invest in high growth start-ups with a value-disruptor component. We also invest in distressed commercial real estate in metropolitan suburban areas (MSAs) and other opportunistic investments.

I understand the healthcare sector is a primary investment focus. Which emerging trends in this sector guide your investment decisions?
Delivery and method of care is always a top trend, which we keep on our radar. Policy and legislation is the second most important trend which defines how care will be provided to patient base. Finally, reimbursement levels for different levels of procedures and acuity is a cash trend where we want to have visibility.

Where does Citizen Cosmetics fit in with the rest of the portfolio and what is your outlook for this sector going forward?
We have a very positive and strong outlook on Citizen Cosmetics given the leadership, product differentiation and their go-to-market strategy. We believe, based on our market research, that the sector growth will continue to be in double digit with a lot of white space in the areas where Citizen positions its core products.

Citizen is a British company. What are the unique challenges of investing in the U.K. at the moment, given the economic and political climate here?
The uncertainty around Brexit is the key political challenge, which everyone in business is trying to get their arms around. We are no different.

What advice would you offer other North American family offices seeking investments in Europe today?
Invest in good legal representation (attorneys) and tax services provider, who have a local as well as North American practice.

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